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Language Scientific Announces New Vice President of Technology

February 12, 2019. Language Scientific, Inc. ® announces the addition of Jason Morris to their executive team in the role of Vice President of Technology. With over 20 years of experience…. Read Press Release….

RxTran Inc. Moves Corporate Headquarters

October 23, 2017. RxTran, the leading provider of pharmacy language solutions has today moved its corporate headquarters to Medford MA to accommodate its rapid growth. Read Press Release…


Language Scientific Inc. Moves Corporate Headquarters

October 23, 2017. Language Scientific, the leading provider of scientific and technical translations, has today moved its corporate headquarters to Medford MA to accommodate its rapid growth. Read Press Release …


RxTran is Now Integrated With McKesson Pharmaserv For Label Content Translation

October 25, 2016. RxTran has partnered with McKesson’s Pharmaserv pharmacy management software in an effort to help pharmacies communicate prescription and drug safety information to customers with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). The Federal government and many states (New York, California, etc.) have implemented language requirements for pharmacy services. RxTran’s services satisfy all current Read Press Release …


RxTran Announces QS/1 Partnership

October 09, 2013. RxTran and QS/1 announce an official partnership that will allow QS/1 to offer its pharmacies prescription translation software through RxTran. Delivered as an unparalleled “Software as a Service” application, RxTran allows QS/1 pharmacies to quickly and accurately provide written prescription translations to their customers with limited English proficiency (LEP). This convenient service provides patients with a fuller understanding of medication directions and usage. Read Press Release …


RxTran CEO Presents On Pharmacy Language Access Requirements Nationwide

June 14, 2013. On Friday, June 14th, RxTran CEO Brian Kratt presented at the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) conference in Louisville, KY on pharmacy language access requirements nationwide. As pharmacies increasingly recognize the mandates to supply language services for limited English proficiency (LEP) patients, pharmacies look to industry leaders to discover what options exist for offering language services. Read Press Release …


RxTran Moves Headquarters to Medford, MA

October 9, 2012. Effective Monday, October 29th, RxTran has moved its headquarters to Medford, MA to allow for continued growth and development of its unique pharmacy language services. RxTran provides pharmacy language services, translating written prescription drug information and phone interpreting verbal instructions into over 150 languages, helping pharmacies communicate prescription information to limited English proficiency (LEP) customers. Read Press Release …


RxTran and Health Business Systems Partner to Provide Pharmacy Language Access to LEP Patients

July 9, 2012. Health Business Systems (HBS) has enhanced its RxAXIS® pharmacy software system through a partnership with RxTran to provide pharmacy translation services for limited English proficiency (LEP) patients. HBS now offers direct API integration with RxTranRead Press Release …


RxTran Meets All NY Pharmacy Language Requirements Under SafeRx

March 31, 2012. RxTran is the only pharmacy language services provider that satisfies all requirements of the New York pharmacy language regulations under SafeRx. On Tuesday, March 27th, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature announced that SafeRx was included in the final New York state budget. This groundbreaking legislation mandates that pharmacies provide both verbal interpretation and written translation services for patients with limited English proficiency (LEP). Read Press Release …


RxTran Expands Languages Provided for Written, Translated Prescription Directions

January 11, 2012. In celebration of National Pharmacist Day, January 12th, RxTran announces it has expanded its language capacity for written translated SIGs (prescription instructions) from 11 to 17 languages. RxTran’s content database of SIG translations helps pharmacists communicate prescription and drug safety information to a growing number of non-English speaking customers. Read Press Release …


Important Step in Reducing Patient Medication Errors

February 8, 2011. RxTran (Language Scientific) and Elsevier / Gold Standard have teamed-up to deliver comprehensive prescription drug information in 14 native languages. By leveraging their respective expertise in pharmaceutical translation and clinical pharmacology, both companies provide clear, easy to understand information and instructions in the appropriate language for patients at the point of care. Read Press Release …


A&P’s Pharmacies now Translate Prescriptions into 11 languages with RxTran

November 2, 2010. Language Scientific is pleased to announce that The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P) recently licensed RxTran, prescription translation software, for its New York-based store pharmacies in response to new legislation. Read Press Release … 

Available 24/7 365 days a year in over 150 languages:

  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Minimum Usage
  • No Special Equipment needed

Massive online, growing database of foreign language drug instructions to print directly onto prescription labels:

  • Directions for Use (SIGs)
  • Auxiliary Warning Labels
  • Patient Education Sheets

  • Access our library of multilingual Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and drug information, including descriptions on the proper use of medical devices dispensed by your pharmacy; all delivered to your customers when they pick up their prescription.
  • Providing your customers with comprehensive written information in their primary language will limit the need for the more expensive over-the-phone interpreting services.

RxTran's parent company Language Scientific offers many more traditional language services.

  • Pharmacy Translation Services
  • Website Localization
  • Over 150 Languages
  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015 Certified