Pharmacy Website Translation and Localization

Custom translations for pharmacies into over 255 languages

RxTran offers full website translation and localization for pharmacies in more than 255 languages. We help you engage your multilingual customers and expand your website’s reach through our customized website translation services.

More than 1/3 of all internet users are non-native English speakers, and according to Forrester Research, visitors stay
for twice as long (site stickiness) if the website is in their own language.

We can modify your existing pharmacy website to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to your multilingual

Worried that website translation may be too complicated and expensive? We take the guesswork and hassle out of the website
translation experience. We can work with you whether you have a content management system or not. Simply provide us with your source files and we will return translated files ready for upload.

Our time-tested quality control website translation and localization process includes:

Website Localization Analysis

Our requirements specification, project engineering analysis, customized process definition, and scheduling provide
you with accurate cost and timeline projections so you know exactly what is required to complete the scope of work.

Website Content Translation

We translate your website in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way to reach your multilingual pharmacy customers.
We consider vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, style and level of speech to make sure your pharmacy’s website reflects your
customer’s language and cultural preferences.

Layout and Site Navigation Localization

Translating your content can affect the layout and may require more or less room depending on the target language.
We help you consider your website right to left, top to bottom and which pages should be available for your localized website.

Adapting Your Images And Symbols To Suit Your Audience

Symbols and images can cause problems in website localization. Images contain both subtle and not so subtle cultural messages. Your pharmacy website images may unknowingly portray negative connotations that may irritate or even offend viewers. All your website images are carefully reviewed and adjusted as needed to positively reflect your pharmacy.
Time and date display, measurement units, currency, numbering systems and fonts are identified and formatted correctly as part of our website localization process.

Adapting Your Website’s Colors

We analyze all your website’s colors for cultural meaning. Proper color choices can improve user acceptance and avoid
hidden meanings. While color choice may not be as critical, we help you avoid subtle unwanted meanings.

Linguistic and Functional QA Localization Testing

While localizing your website we provide two types of testing services. Our website engineers perform functional testing to ensure your localized site works the same as the English version and that all links function properly. Linguistic testing checks the translation in context and verifies consistency across your website.

Localization Engineering

We use the latest technology to bring you localization engineering solutions. We have in-house capability to work with just about any technology in use on the web. Our localization engineering team is experienced in all different web based applications and formats, including (.asp, .html, .dhtm, .php).  All file types are carefully analyzed, prepared for translation and engineered for optimal time and quality.

A few of the common applications and tools we use for website localization are:

  • Dreamweaver
  • Fireworks
  • Flash
  • FreeHand
  • GoLive
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Interleaf
  • COM
  • CSS

We advise you on best practices and the benefits of techniques to streamline the localization process, maintain consistent output and reduce your website translation costs.

RxTran helps pharmacies large and small translate their websites to reach multilingual audiences. Let us localize your website to help you expand your business and reach your pharmacy customers in any language.

Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified.

In addition, we remain deeply committed to the security of your information, a responsibility we uphold with utmost seriousness. Our information management system proudly holds ISO 27001:2013 certification, a testament to our dedication towards enhancing the security of our information systems constantly. This includes rigorous training for our team members on the importance of security and implementing stringent measures to safeguard the confidentiality of every document we handle in providing translation services.

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To learn more about our website translation services or to request a quote or proposal, please call us at 617-621-0940 ext.141, or email

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About RxTran Pharmacy Translations

RxTran is a wholly owned subsidiary of Language Scientific Inc. RxTran is exclusively focused on the needs of US and multinational pharmacies and pharmacy solution providers. The parent company of RxTran, Language Scientific, Inc.®is a US-based globalization company specializing in providing medical and scientific translation and localization services in all the European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African and American languages for over 10 years. Language Scientific works with more than 1500 clients, ranging in size from Fortune 500 drug companies to small emerging companies in the bio-pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. Our specialization, focus, innovation, and customer-centered attitude have earned us the trust of the world's best science, technology, bio-medical, and pharmaceutical companies.

Translation and Localization Services Available from RxTran and/or Language Scientific

Language Scientific has two translation and localization divisions: a Technical and Engineering Division and Medical and Pharmaceutical Division. Both groups provide a full range of translation and localization language services including: Language Scientific works in over 100 global languages including all major European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African and South American Languages. Language Scientific's Quality Management Systems are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 17100:2015, ASTM F2575-06 and ASTM F2089-01 certified. To learn more about how we could help you communicate to your customers from a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, please call Language Scientific at 800-240-0246 or 617-621-0940 or email

Industry Focus and Specialization

Language Scientific is unique among language service companies for a number of reasons, all of them stemming from our original mission: If you don't understand it, you cannot translate it. Language Scientific is the only major company in the translation industry founded and managed by translators with backgrounds in engineering, science and medicine, not by people whose primary experience is in languages or business. At Language Scientific, we are driven by the mission to set the new Standard of Quality for technical translation and localization. It is this mission that drives our success, and it is what sets us apart as a company. When you need precise global communication, Language Scientific is the clear choice.

Corporate Information

RxTran is a wholly owned subsidiary of Language Scientific Inc.® Both are privately held corporations headquartered in Medford, Massachusetts. Telephone: (617) 765-0292 E-mail: 101 Station Landing, Suite 500 Medford, MA 02155 Fax: 617-621-2552

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© Copyright 2024 Rxtran, a division of Language Scientific Inc. RxTran patient instruction (SIG) translation service is covered by U.S. Patent No 11,836,454 and other pending applications for Systems and Methods for Producing Reliable Translation in Near Real-Time. All rights reserved