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RxTran helps drug information publishers provide a more comprehensive set of services to their pharmacy customers.

Currently, when a pharmacist needs to provide a patient with Patient Education Package Inserts or Consumer Medication Information (CMI) leaflets for a prescription drug, and that patient speaks little or no English, the pharmacist has to either turn the patient away or risk the patient’s safety. RxTran helps publishers provide their drug information to pharmacies in approximately twenty languages spoken by large minorities in the United States.

Translation by Bilingual Pharmacists

Because translation mistakes on drug labels could potentially be disastrous, RxTran employs only bilingual-trained pharmacists. And not just one pharmacist-translator for each language; each translation is translated, edited, and then proofread by three experts as part of RxTran’s quality control process.


High quality of translation does not necessarily imply high costs. In fact, the cost to the publisher of translation of drug labels and package inserts can be very little or nothing at all, depending on the specific type of collaboration they choose to have with RxTran.


Our Pharmacy translation solutions are currently available in the following languages:

Arabic  Hmong   Russian 
Cambodian (Khmer) Italian  Spanish 
Chinese  Japanese  Tagalog 
French Korean  Urdu 
Haitian Creole Polish  Vietnamese 
Hindi Portuguese   

If you need translation into additional languages, let us know. We are constantly expanding our translation offerings.

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