RxTran Announces QS/1 Partnership

MEDFORD, MA (October 09, 2013) — RxTran and QS/1 announce an official partnership that will allow QS/1 to offer its pharmacies prescription translation software through RxTran.

Delivered as an unparalleled “Software as a Service” application, RxTran allows QS/1 pharmacies to quickly and accurately provide written prescription translations to their customers with limited English proficiency (LEP). This convenient service provides patients with a fuller understanding of medication directions and usage.

“We are excited and proud to partner with QS/1,” said RxTran CEO Brian Kratt. “The integration of these technologies provides pharmacies with an affordable language solution that enables them to improve patient safety and provide better patient care to limited English proficiency customers.”

According to the US Census Bureau, the LEP population grew by 80% from 1990 to 2010. As pharmacies look for solutions to reach this growing market, the QS/1 partnership with RxTran helps pharmacies reach LEP patients, generating customer loyalty and adding prescription and store merchandising revenue.

QS/1 is committed to providing its pharmacy customers with the tools they need to offer the best patient care possible,” said Michael Ziegler, QS/1’s Senior Manager for Marketing and Analyst. “Using RxTran allows pharmacies to translate prescription information into a patient’s native language.”

RxTran provides translation services in 17 different languages for QS/1, allowing its pharmacy customers to request medical instructions in patients’ native languages, including: Arabic, Bengali, French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese.

RxTran offers cost effective, simple to use language solutions for pharmacists who need written translation and verbal interpreting. For a low monthly subscription, pharmacies across the United States can access RxTran’s online library of pre-translated prescription drug label information, auxiliary warning labels and patient education sheets to print (either directly onto prescription labels or in a supplemental form) and distribute to LEP patients. RxTran also provides verbal On-Demand Phone Interpreting, allowing pharmacists to dial a toll-free number and accurately communicate with non-English speaking customers within seconds.

A New York State Department of Health study found prescription non-adherence responsible for 22% of all hospitalizations nationally. LEP is a major factor for patients who do not understand prescription directions for use. To address this, the federal government and some states have implemented pharmacy language service requirements to reach the growing limited English proficiency population in the United States.


About RxTran

RxTran provides pharmacies with language services, offering an online library of pre-translated written prescription drug information in 17 languages and phone interpreting of spoken instructions into more than 150 languages. For more information, visit: www.RxTran.com or email: info@RxTran.com

About QS/1

QS/1, a complete healthcare automation solutions provider, serves pharmacies, HME businesses and LTC facilities. QS/1 is a division of the J M Smith Corporation, the fourth largest privately held company in South Carolina. For additional information about QS/1, visit the website at www.QS1.com, or call 800.231.7776.

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