Multilingual Prescription Labels

Putting Patient Safety at the forefront of all that we do. RxTran serves LEP populations through our patented Transduction technology ensuring everyone’s right to accurate prescription and medication instructions.

Increase Patient Safety

Patient non-adherence to prescription instructions is responsible for 22% of all hospitalizations nationally. We ensure these instructions are accurately translated.

Regulatory and DEI

Go beyond required regulatory standards for patient safety and ensure compassionate, accurate translation for the LEP population.

Guaranteed Accuracy

We provide a 100% guarantee on our catalog of over 1 million pre-translated SIGs into over 26 languages.

Integrates with Existing PMS

To access RxTran’s prescription information translations, pharmacists have two options: via the web or through an RxTran partner’s Pharmacy Management System provider.

Compatible With Your Existing Pharmacy Management Software

RxTran partners with leading companies in the pharmacy industry, all focused on providing the best in software and services for patient care. Maximize your technology investment by connecting with our partners.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion For All Patients

Serve your customers as safely and effectively as if you were speaking to them in your native language.

Communicate In Your

Customer's Language

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