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With RxTran, pharmacies can now communicate drug label safety information more quickly and effectively to patients with limited command of the English language. We offer the following services.


We provide pharmacies with an online library of pre-translated prescription drug label information, including:

Translations are immediately available for pharmacies to print and distribute to patients with limited English proficiency (LEP).

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In addition to translation of drug labels, we offer pharmacies:

  • On-Demand Phone Interpreting in over 150 languages, available 24/7
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Minimum Usage
  • No Special Equipment Needed
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How Pharmacies Benefit

RxTran solutions enable pharmacies to:

  • Obtain precise instant translation of Patient Instructions (SIGs) and Auxiliary Warning Labels in over 20 languages, including Spanish,
    Chinese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Polish and French.
  • Download and print pre-translated patient education sheets and Consumer Medication Information (CMI) leaflets for the drugs
    you are dispensing
  • Test the ability of your pharmacy staff to communicate in foreign languages with your customers

RxTran software systems integrate with Pharmacy Management System software so there is minimal learning curve for pharmacy employees and minimum interruption to a pharmacist's natural workflow

On-Demand Phone Interpreting

Sign up for our service in minutes. Connect with an interpreter within seconds.

Communicating with precision is critically important in global business—especially with medical subject matter. This can be challenging when the need arises to communicate with patients who speak little or no English.

RxTran offers On-Demand Phone Interpreting for pharmacies that need to communicate with non-English speakers within seconds. Call from any phone, and an operator connects you in seconds to a qualified interpreter. Get immediate access to trained interpreters in over 150 languages on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis.
On-Demand Phone Interpreting also helps pharmacies meet local, state and federal mandates for requiring high-quality interpreters.


I initially signed up for your service because I was required to by the state of California. Since we have begun offering both the translation of SIG’s and over the phone interpreting we have seen a dramatic increase in our customers. I would recommend your solutions to anyone.

We have seen a great increase of both Korean and Chinese speaking customers since we have begun offering your On-Demand Phone Interpreting service. Most of our calls tend to be quick so your per-second billing has been great!

I was very impressed with how easily your solution integrated with our current pharmacy management software.

RxTran has helped our pharmacy comply with recent government LEP mandates and is always quick to get an interpreter on the line.

Our Partners

RxTran partners with leading companies in the pharmacy industry, all focused on providing the best in software and services for patient care. Maximize your technology investment by connecting with our partners.

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