RxTran Moves Headquarters to Medford, MA

MEDFORD, MA. (October 9, 2012) — Effective Monday, October 29th, RxTran has moved its headquarters to Medford, MA to allow for continued growth and development of its unique pharmacy language services. RxTran provides pharmacy language services, translating written prescription drug information and phone interpreting verbal instructions into over 150 languages, helping pharmacies communicate prescription information to limited English proficiency (LEP) customers.

Since its inception in August 2009, RxTran has been headquartered with its parent company, Language Scientific, in Cambridge, MA. Working with pharmacists, computer scientists, and computational linguists, Language Scientific pioneered RxTran’s unparalleled pharmacy software that enables pharmacists to print prescription information for non-English speaking patients directly onto their prescription labels.

RxTran’s primary focus is delivering its online library of pre-translated prescription drug information (directions for use (SIGs), auxiliary warning labels and patient education sheets), which is available to print, directly onto prescription labels or in supplemental forms, and distribute to LEP patients.

In February 2012, RxTran increased its service offerings to include On-Demand Phone Interpreting. This service provides pharmacies with 24/7 access to trained interpreters, enabling pharmacists to verbally communicate with LEP patients within seconds. If a customer who speaks little or no English has questions, the pharmacist can dial RxTran’s toll-free number and within seconds be able to communicate with the customer using a telephone and a qualified interpreter.

“This is the right move at the right time,” says Brian Kratt, CEO of RxTran. “It will help us continue to grow and expand our pharmacy language solutions.”

Pharmacies increasingly look to RxTran to provide language services as LEP populations continue to grow and mandates for offering language services are enacted. Twenty-two percent of all hospitalizations are a direct result of patient non-adherence to prescription medications. RxTran translates and interprets prescription information boosting prescription adherence among LEP patients.

RxTran also provides pharmacies with website translation, pharmacist language proficiency testing and multilingual marketing collateral.

RxTran’s headquarters are now located at 10 Cabot Street, Suite 209, Medford, MA 02155. All other contact information remains the same. 

About RxTran

RxTran provides pharmacies with language services, offering an online library of pre-translated written prescription drug information in 17 foreign languages and phone interpreting of verbal instructions into over 150 languages. For more information, visit: www.RxTran.com or email info@rxtran.com

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