Pharmacy Translation Services

Multilingual language solutions for pharmacies

RxTran has developed a unique suite of translation, interpreting and linguistic testing services for pharmacies to communicate effectively with non-English speaking patients.

RxTran offers solutions for:

Multilingual Patient Instructions (SIGs) and Auxiliary Warning Labels (AWL)

Our software enables you to give customers directions for use of prescription medication (SIGs) and auxiliary warning labels (AWL) in the language they understand. Our software works with both standard and custom SIGs.

FAQs, Educational Monographs, and Patient Instructions in Many Languages

Providing your customers with comprehensive written information in their primary language will limit the need for the more expensive over-the-phone interpreting services. RxTran has partnered with Elsevier Gold Standard to help pharmacies provide patient education sheets and monographs to customers in their primary language. We translated MEDcounselor Consumer Medication Information into 20 languages. Please see Elsevier Gold Standard for more information on how your pharmacy can access these translations.

On-Demand Phone Interpreting

Over-the-phone interpreting service available for patients who have questions for the pharmacists.

How to Learn More about RxTran Pharmacy Language Solutions

To get more information about our pharmacy language services, call 617-621-0945 or email to find out how RxTran can help you provide a more comprehensive set of services to your pharmacy clients.

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