Patented Transduction Technology

RxTran uses a unique natural language transduction process,
allowing for large coverage of both standard and custom SIGs within our continually growing database

Leverage Cost Model

When any pharmacy requests custom information be added to the system, it becomes available to all users. The more feedback received from pharmacy users, the more we tailor the system to meet the challenges associated with working with
LEP individuals.

Cloud Based Solution

RxTran’s technology platform is the Cloud with browser-based access. RxTran has redundant servers on both the west and east coasts.

No Change to Existing Workflow

To access RxTran’s prescription information translations, the pharmacist has two options: via the web or through an RxTran partner’s Pharmacy Management System provider.

Affordable for Multiple Languages

Our translations are available to pharmacy chains through a subscription on a pay-per-use basis. Per store, RxTran’s written solution costs less than $ 2.00/day. This is typically less money than the cost of a single panel of fluorescent panel lights per day.

Ensuing Patient Safety Through Accurate Transduction

RxTran’s patented Transduction technology removes the variability in languages and ensures consistency in what is said. From There we are able to provide 100% accurate translation for pharmacies in over 26 languages.

Communicate In Your

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