Translation of Consumer Medication Information (CMI), Medication Guides and Package Inserts


  • Access to library of pre-translated CMI leaflets, Patient Education Sheets and Package Inserts in twenty foreign languages.
  • Easily integrate with your current Pharmacy Management Software.
  • Cost effective solution to provide your LEP customers with accurately translated CMI and Package Insert Translation.

Help Your Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Patients Understand How to Take Their Medication

Over 300 million prescriptions are being filled each year in the United States for patients who have limited or no understanding of the English language. In the majority of the cases, Consumer Medication Information (CMI) Leaflets, FDA-mandated Medication Guides (MedGuides), and Patient Package Inserts (PPIs) are distributed to these patients in English instead of being translated into the language they understand.

Pharmacists have been looking for a way to make medication information and patient monographs accessible to all customers, regardless of the language they speak, in order to ensure that every patient takes their medication correctly. Until now there has not been a convenient, inexpensive way to deliver those patient education sheets or monographs in languages other than English. RxTran makes patient medication information (CMI leaflets, Package Inserts, patient monographs, and patient education sheets) available to Pharmacies and Pharmacy Management System providers pre-translated into approximately twenty languages in an easy to use subscription-based software service.

Don’t Translate Consumer Medication Information Leaflets—Download Them Instantly When You Need Them

RxTran provides Pharmacies and Pharmacy Management System providers with access to our library of pre-translated Consumer Medication Information leaflets / Patient Education sheets / Package Inserts in approximately twenty foreign languages. And just as pharmacists print Consumer Medication Information leaflets when dispensing a new prescription, they can now print the same CMIs that have been translated into the language their customer understands.

Fast, Convenient, and Integrated with Your Pharmacy Management System

RxTran’s solution does not take any extra time to use and does not necessitate any changes in the workflow pharmacists are used to. Simply select the language your customer speaks on your PMS screen, and the Consumer Medication Information leaflet is printed out as quickly in Spanish or Chinese or Russian as it is English.

For More Information

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