CAMBRIDGE, MA. (February 8, 2011) — RxTran (Language Scientific) and Elsevier / Gold Standard have teamed-up to deliver comprehensive prescription drug information in 14 native languages. By leveraging their respective expertise in pharmaceutical translation and clinical pharmacology, both companies provide clear, easy to understand information and instructions in the appropriate language for patients at the point of care.

As the US population becomes more diverse, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is keeping a close eye on civil rights. HHS has determined that LEP patients are discriminated against when healthcare information is not provided to them in their native language. At the state level, legislation that explicitly addresses the information that must be provided to LEP patients is being passed. When a patient picks up their prescription, all medication information is provided in their native language. This much-needed service is accomplished with sophisticated software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology and decades of pharmacological expertise integrated on-line.

Elsevier / Gold Standard provide over 35,000 retail pharmacies with the drug information they need through Clinical Pharmacology, the leader in drug information solutions. With the RxTran technology, Elsevier / Gold Standard is now offering MEDcounselor which allows pharmacists to provide essential information in the patient’s native language, including Directions for Use (SIGs) and Auxiliary Warning Labels. In addition, the pharmacist can determine if a patient’s medication interacts with another prescribed or over the counter medication, print a warning label, and be flagged to call the doctor before filling the order.

“With over 9 percent of the US population classified as Limited English Proficiency (LEP), communicating critical prescription drug information in the patient’s native language is crucial,” said Brian Kratt, Chief Executive Officer, RxTran. “As LEP populations continue to grow, regulatory bodies are being pressured by health advocacy organizations to pass new legislation – with success. Our goal is to stay one step ahead in partnership with Elsevier / Gold Standard.”

A number of states are looking at Limited English Proficiency legislation.

“We are committed to delivering safe, reliable information for pharmacists and patients,” said Marianne Messer, President of Elsevier / Gold Standard. “We are confident that our partnership with RxTran and the ability to instruct patients in their native language will reduce prescription medication errors and alleviate clinical risks to millions of patients.”

About RxTran

RxTran, by Language Scientific, provides pharmacies with an on-line service that translates prescription drug information for patients into over 20 languages. For more information, visit www.RxTran.com or info@RxTran.com

About Elsevier / Gold Standard

Based in Tampa, FL, Gold Standard/Elsevier uses innovative technologies to provide a complete suite of drug information and decision support solutions. With a tenacious commitment to product quality, Gold Standard/Elsevier solutions empower healthcare organizations, professionals and consumers to meet the most pressing healthcare challenges, improve patient safety and ensure optimal outcomes. To learn more about Gold Standard/Elsevier, visit www.goldstandard.com.

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