Languages We Translate For Pharmacies

RxTran currently provides pharmacy translation solutions in the following 26 languages with plans to add more.

Top Languages Spoken By State

*Languages listed in Bold are covered by RxTran

26 Languages For Multilingual SIGs

BurmeseHaitian CreolePortugueseVietnamese
Chinese (SimplifiedHindiRomanian 
Chinese (Traditional)ItalianRussian 

If you need translation into additional languages, please let us know. We are constantly expanding our translation offerings.

Our parent company, Language Scientific , Inc.®, is a full-service translation and localization company that provides medical translation services  in over 100 languages,including all the major European, Asian, American and Middle Eastern languages. We plan to add additional languages to RxTran catalog as demand emerges.

How to Learn More about RxTran Pharmacy Language Solutions:

To get more information about our pharmacy language services, call 617-621-0945 or email to find out how RxTran can help you provide a more comprehensive set of services to your pharmacy clients.

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